Air Filtration Systems

Our portable ductless fume hoods remove toxins by triple filtration protecting operators, the environment and the product. .

Why Hire Us?
Because we can help you Innovate. Upgrade and bring your company to a higher level of safety and efficiency.

We can help you upgrade your equipment which in turn can improve the work environment while upgrading your business

Because we can design what isn't otherwise available

We have very few standard models because most of our time is used building prototypes for customers. Although or old standards have kept us going; we prefer to be on the cutting edge of new technology.

If what we build for you is your idea; the prototype patent rights are yours.

Basically; if you hire us to build your prototype. We sign off all patent rights to you if it is pantentable.

We assist in the transfer for the manufacturing of your patented product for resale.

We like to stay on the cutting edge by moving on to the next, allowing you to use our designs for your product.