Inline Filtered System
Hazard/Guard T-2500
Inline Filtered System


The Hazard/Guard T-2500, an Inline Filter System enclosure, designed to capture and contain exhausted fumes gases, vapors mists, aerosols, and most particulate matter exhausted in the atmosphere by industrial processing. The enclosure consists of one Hepa Filter High Efficiency Type with Filtration capacity of 99.99%, assisted with an Achieved Charcoal filter, one Pleated Pre Filter for large particles, and fumes generated in the fume hood. The Hazard/Guard T-2500 Series is designed to perform to all SAMA/SEFA Standards LF-10-1980, 1981, 1992; and the design and containment properties to ASHRAE Standards.110-1985 for Fume Hoods.

Standard Features

  • High Efficiency particulate Air filter for Radioisotope and Bacteriological Applications Rated at 2500 C.F.M. of Exhaust Air Flow with 3/4" of static pressure drop.
  • 2790 C.F.M. Hazardous and Flammable Vapors Resistant Exhaust Fan and Blower Motor.
  • Solid State Automatic Transformer Speed Control.
  • Polypropylene (Bag out) for sale Filters Removal and disposal.
  • Activated Charcoal filter 24"X24"X4" for gas containment.
  • Pleated Fire Retardant Pre Filter for Class 2 377-A
  • Superstructure constructed from 1/4" all seam welded white Polypropylene.
  • All negative pressure interior.
  • Filter Air to 0.05 Micron.
  • Air Alert 300 Fume Hood Face Velocity Air flow alarm (optional).
  • Exhaust volume air flow controls system (optional).

Maintenance and Filter Replacements

Charcoal Filters should be replaced every 8 to 12 month depending on the amount of usage. Hepa Filter should be replaced every 12 to 16 months depending on usage.