Fume Hoods
Vapor Guard #2400
For Small Desktop Workstation


The Vapor Guard is a desktop personal enclosure designed to capture and contain exhausted fumes, gases, vapor mists, aerosols, and most particulate matters generated by industrial processing.

The enclosure consists of two activated charcoal filters and two pleated pre-filters for larger particles which are required in order to maintain complete capture of all hazardous solvent fumes generated in the fume hood.

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The Vapor Guard 2400 is constructed using all stress relieved Fire Retardant Polypropylene. Electrical supply 115-V for exhaust fan and light.

Maintenance and Filter Replacements

Charcoal Filters should be replaced every 10 to 12 month depending on the amount of gas controlled a new HEPA Filter every 18 month for replacement upon request at a cost of Charcoal filter.

  • All Air Scrubber Systems® Fume Hoods are designed to perform to all SAMA/SEFA Standards LF-10-1980, 1981, 1992; and the design and containment properties to ASHRAE Standards.110-1985 for Fume Hoods.