Laminar flow Fume Hood
Fully Self-Contained Laminar Flow Ductless Fume Hood, Workstation & Cabinet


All plastic fully self-contained Laminar Flow Class 10 Fume Hood Enclosure with built in water scrubber and Triple Filtered(Charcoal, HEPA and Teflon) System. Lightweight, easy to move, chemically inert, needs no installation. Designed to roll into your facility. Plug in the electrical and you are ready to work.

Construction Specifications

  • Length: 75"
  • Height: 79"
  • Front to Back: 37"
  • Floor to Deck: 36"

A) Cabinet will be a single pass through design (total exhaust) in which all HEPPA(99.992) filtered downflow work zone air and work access inflow air is drawn into an exhaust plenum under the work surface via front and rear perforated grills and up the rear duct/exhaust ductwork via remotely located exhaust blower.

B) Total Cabinet will be constructed of stress relieved, fully seam welded 1/2" white Polypropylene with all access panels recessed flush with the exterior and all base cabinet doors constructed of 1/4" Cadet Blue Polypropylene.

C) The work surface will be contracted from 1/2" Polypropylene, reinforced as required, with front and rear perforated grills. The work surface will be removable to facilitate cleaning the plenums and be recessed 1/2" below the work surface. Any portion of the work surface containing a sink shall be fixed, with the remainder removable.

D) The plenum under the work surface will be contracted of 1/2" polypropylene and sloped front to back to effect 100% drainage. Vent tubes will be provided from the storage area to the plenum.

E) The base storage cabinets will be integral part of the cabinet's construction, recessed 4" from the front with a large object storage area, contracted from 1/2" polypropylene.

F) All plumbing lines will be housed in chase formed by the outer cabinet and interior cabinets work space. All plumbing will exit the rear of the chase and be plumbed with the same material as the specified fixtures.

G) The HEAP filter/blower module will be constructed of all welded 16 gage aluminum structurally reinforced with all welds ground and polished. The cabinet will accommodate 2 HEAP assemblies, separately wired and controlled.

H) The blower/motor will automatically compensate for airflow as the filter loads with particulate to achieve a 50% increase in pressure drop across the filters with no more than a 10% decrease in airflow. With the use of the solid state speed control, a greater than 150% increase on pressure drop across the filter will be achievable.

I) A sliding viewing window will be provided that permits full closure to 20 inches open. The viewing window will be 1/4" clear Lectern.

J) The cabinet will be wired internally, where required, on two separate circuits; one for the motors and fluorescent lights and the other for duplex outlets. Each circuit shall be separately protected with a circuit breaker, and each function shall have its own on/off switch.

K) Leg levelers will be provided that permit an adjustment of + or - 1/2"

L) The cabinet will be constructed to permit all maintenance to be performed from the front of the cabinet.

M) All cabinet controls will be mounted at eye-level in a single, easily removable control panel.

N) Polypropylene will be fire retardant.

O) Service Fittings: All piping will be concealed at sides and back of cabinet.

P) Access Opening: 10" access opening with face velocity of 100-110 fpm.

Q) Filters: HCA-probed HEAP supply filters.

R) Power: 208 v, 30 amp, single phase 4 wire cord.

S) Electrical Outlets: Two duplex outlets with cover plates(one per side wall in hood).

T) Seismic restraints shall consist of anchoring base to floor.

Piping Materials and Construction

All ploy pipe optional P.V.D.F. or Teflon standard pipe sizes 1/2", 1", 1 1/2", 2".

Master Control (Optional)-Emergency stop button to be located on the upper control panel. The hood will be serviced by 208 V. 1PH, or Amperage as required. All electrical, pneumatic, or corrodable items that are exposed to corrosive fumes must be adequately coated, sealed or be in purged housing. Electrical wiring to be enclosed in flexible plastic tubing and sealed.

Exhaust System-In the rear and front of the deck are two series of horizontal exhaust holes which allow all near laminar flow air to pass over the work area with a minimum of turbulence. The bottom of the covers are opened to the Plenum-tub for exhaust and control line routing. Six foot cabinet will have one 12.0" inside diameter vertical collar extending into the port extension by 50" minimum with an adjustable damper. Top transition port extension will be removable for shipment purposes.

  • All Air Scrubber Systems® Fume Hoods are designed to perform to all SAMA/SEFA Standards LF-10-1980, 1981, 1992; and the design and containment properties to ASHRAE Standards.110-1985 for Fume Hoods.